Donner und Blitz

The one thing I love about central Massachusetts are the fantastic summer storms. Seeing the black clouds massing behind Mt. Wachusett makes me all giddy inside. Last night Hubby and I turned on the Weather Channel and a short, dull-keyed alarm signal washed out whatever Abrams & Bettes was saying. Along the bottom of the screen, a red bar scrolled a warning that the National Weather Service had issued a  SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH for our area.

Eagerly I looked out to see the trees bending in the wind and our SUBURBAN OASIS table umbrella doing the same. “Hubby,” I asked, “could you put the umbrella in the shed?”  For the purposes of this blog, I’ll record that Hubby LEAPED off the couch and swept out onto the patio just like Mercury. As a dutiful wife, I joined him putting away small items. At one point we had our hands on the heavy umbrella pole to lift it out of the stand.

Let me repeat: We had our hands on a long, UNGROUNDED, METAL ROD at the same time a white flash of lightning lit up the Leominster sky not that far away from us. Hubby looked at me and uttered, “Fertilizer!!” (use your thesaurus). We got everything inside the shed and ourselves inside the house. 

The experience has not put me off summer storms. In fact, today there is another SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH for our area and I can’t wait!


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