Road Warrior



With apologies to Mad Max…but I’m sorry…he drove everywhere. Did he cycle across post-apocalyptic Australia in his leathers? Nope. Unlike him, I spent my Tuesday doing a 45-mile bike ride around central Massachusetts, including a climb up Mt. Wachusett. 

I like using my bike to explore. I’m not the fastest cyclist, but I enjoy biking through the countryside and just soaking in the sites. I also like to challenge myself on occasion. So what did I see today?

It's True!

It's True!

Sterling: Did you know the town claims Mary, as in Mary Had a Little Lamb, as a Townie? They have a statue for it, so it must be true.

Princeton: In 1676, Mary Rowlandson, a colonial American, was ransomed for twenty pounds by Narragensett Indians. The place where she was released, Redemption Rock, is a local landmark. I will never be able to afford a home here.

Mt. Wachusett:  Elevation 2,006 ft. Claim to fame of this mountain: Hubby and I had our second date there. Sigh… It took me about twenty minutes to climb up. Of course, I started climbing during the hottest time of the day: High Noon. It’s not the prettiest summit. In fact, it wouldn’t rank in the top 100 of pretty summits but I biked it and that’s all that matters. The descent strained my arms and breaks, but I felt bad-a$$ the entire way down.

It was a great day. Now excuse me as I partake of a Sam Adams Summer Ale. Check out my flickr site for more photos of the journey. Cheers!


One response to “Road Warrior

  1. I wouldn’t even be able to keep up with you…I am decidedly NOT bada$s. You ARE though. Definitely.

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