I’ve worked in downtown Boston for the last 10 years and have seen my fair share of “scenes.” My (undisclosed) federal agency job requires me to interact with the public on a daily basis. Two years ago I was the first person to respond to a heroin overdose. I waited with the unconscious junkie, making sure he didn’t drown in his vomit until the EMTs arrived. Another time, a drunk, homeless person broke his nose and his blood was smeared everywhere. I did my best to calm him down until medical personnel could help.

But today I had a first.

Going to work around 8:10 am, I walked past the Irish Famine Memorial on Washington St. Beside the memorial, I noticed two Boston policemen, one of whom was interviewing a woman and the other was assisting a medical examiner. There was yellow police tape surrounding the memorial and then I saw it. Is it an ‘it’ or was it a ‘him?’ A white sheet covering the body. I stopped in my tracks. In my world this is what you see on t.v., not on the way to work on a Sunday morning. I quickly said, “Lord, have mercy on his soul” and continued on.

Who was he? She? Homeless? Does he have someone care about his fate?

Those of you reading, say a prayer for this soul mourned by God.


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