Lovely Leominster

Growing up in Dartmouth, MA I did not dream that one day I would be living in Leominster, MA. I wasn’t excited to call “The Pioneer Plastics City” home. Granted, the only historical claim to fame of my home town was that some puritans were in the wrong place at the wrong time during King Philip’s War.


But now that I’ve been in Leominster a short seven months, I’m appreciating what my new town has to offer:

  • Birthplace of Johnny Appleseed. Yes, he was real and his name was John Chapman.
  • Hometown of Robert Cormier. Author of those books you had to read in middle school: The Chocolate War and I am the Cheese.
  • PLASTICS. Some New England towns manufactured shoes or textiles but not Leominster. Hard. Durable. Celluloid. Just like the town that made ‘em. Home of the National Plastics Center.
  • Foster Grants. THOSE (are they still hip?) sunglasses started out in Leominster.
  • Pink Flamingos. Not the John Waters film but the real honest-to-goodness plastic birds are Leominster natives.
Leominster Townies

Leominster Townies

If you drive west on Route 2, just after exit 33 and before the road dips into a valley, you can see Leominster spread out with the spires of St. Cecilia puncturing the skyline. In July Mt. Wachusett is a hazy sentinel overshadowing this city of 41,000. I’m one of those inhabitants. And that’s not a bad thing.


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