Beer Heaven

Beer in Heaven?

Beer in Heaven?

Have you seen the Miller beer commercial where the guy walks into “beer heaven?” Apparently heaven is a bar, his stool turns into a recliner, the hot waitress babe turns into a hot waiter dude depending on who she/he is serving. This seems like Hades to me.

Today, Hubby and I walked into the real beer heaven and it’s located in Sturbridge, MA on Route 20: Yankee Spirits. Hubby had been there before but it was my first time. I was palpitating. Just imagine beers from around the world, on four shelves, at least 40 yards long. We selected Mackeson Triple Stout, St. Ambroise Oatmeal StoutFuller’s London Porter and a bottle of Blandy’s Rainwater Madeira wine. Nevermind the gas prices. Yankee Spirits must be seen to be believed.


5 responses to “Beer Heaven

  1. Yay, Mackeson!!! I’m so proud.

  2. Yankee Spirits is also in Swansea & Attleboro!!!! they are awesome!

  3. notcanadian44

    That commercial was a riot and it was the truth!

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