Wednesday Night Means GHOST HUNTERS!


Grant and JasonIf you call me on Wednesdays between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. EST., I will not answer the phone because GHOST HUNTERS is on! I put up with endless promos for Sci Fi’s original movies, like “Anaconda 3,” so I can see Jason and Grant (that’s them to the left) kick some poltergeist heiny.


To be honest; most of the characters I want to throttle. For example, tech manager Steve Gonsalves should think about getting MORE tattoos and seeing a hypnotist for his arachnophobia. I know she’s cute and all, but investigator Kris Williams needs to be walled up in a fort tunnel with nothing but a flashlight and toilet paper. Let her ask that Johnny Reb specter if he feels sad and see what happens. I am so glad investigator Andy Andrews jumped to GH International. When he’s on a GH episode you know there ain’t going to be a ghost sighting but he will come close to fainting.


So why do I watch? They catch documented paranormal activity. That’s cool, period. It has also made me think of the supernatural within the context of faith. I used to think that ghosts were demons pretending to be dead “Aunt Anne” or “the child-that-died-in-a-fire-upstairs-40-years-ago” and there was no other explanation.Currently, I don’t think there needs to be an “either/or” option. Sure, the demonic is very real but could manifesting spirits be souls working out their purgation? (I know…only my third posting and I mention purgatory.) Catholic apologist Jimmy Akin has an interesting and short take on the matter.


I’ll close with a true story. One rainy April morning of this year, hubby and I visited Historic Deerfield. There were not many people about so we ended up with a private tour of The Dwight House. The guide brought us into a sparsely furnished second floor bedroom. I immediately felt “needles and pins” all throughout my body. I do not claim to be “sensitive” but there was something else in the room. I kept it to myself while the guide did his thing. Out in the hall, the guide stopped us in front of another door that opened back into “the room.” He related a story of a previous tenant who recalled seeing a figure of a woman go through this door. At the time, there was no door; it had been walled over. When we exited the house, I said, “Hubby, you’ve got to believe me when I tell you…”


3 responses to “Wednesday Night Means GHOST HUNTERS!

  1. Love the show too!!! Have you been able to watch the new show about physic kids? Really creepy….neat Blog….

  2. Yes! Wednesday nights, I’m locked onto SciFi for three solid hours.

    “What the frig?”

  3. Nice post! I don’t so much like GHI because it lacks the Rhody no nonsense of Grant & Jason. And I have kind of a crypto-crush on Steve, actually . . .

    You’ve got a great blog going here!

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