Suburban Oasis

Hubby and I own a small plot of land in lovely Leominster, MA. A year ago it was a weed-infested tundra. But with a little bit of yankee sweat and some fine concrete tiling, the Cussack Steppe was transformed into an SUBURBAN OASIS that Martha Stewart would be proud to call “a step in the right direction.”

PatioThese pictures were taken a few evenings ago in the SUBURBAN OASIS as we celebrated our ½ year anniversary. Notice the shabby chic tablecloths hanging oh-so-leisurely? I purchased them for $6 each at Sears. I got some bistro clips (basically metal shower curtain hooks with teeth so they can “bite” into the cloth) and strung the clips on a nylon clothes line. The clothes line with the bistro hooks stay up all the time but I take the tablecloths down when we head inside for the night. The outdoor lights are courtesy of Target.

Food and Wine!!If you are curious what’s in the Waterford crystal goblets, it’s Blandy’s Madeira wine and the little cake is called bolo de mel (“honey cake” in Portuguese). The reason for the Luso-centric items is that Hubby and I spent our honeymoon in Madeira. (BTW, the header graphic at the top of the blog was taken in the capital of Madeira, Funchal. But that’s the topic of another post.)

One response to “Suburban Oasis

  1. Love your oasis!!!

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