Step Back – I’ve Got a Blog and Know How to Use It

What’s up with the title? Besides getting married and moving back to the nanny state of Massachusetts, THE most earth shattering thing to happen was converting to the Catholic Church. Me, a Gordon College/Park Street Sunday evening attender (if you know what that means…well…then you know what that means) becoming a follower of the Whore of Babylon. Yikes! What it really meant was becoming a follower of Christ in its wholeness.

Not that this blog will be about theological stuff. Nope – theology I can take in small doses. Like most blogs, I’ll post whatever suits my fancy – yes, the ultimate ego trip. If I hear a groovy sermon, whoops…HOMILY…I’ll talk about it. When Belle & Sebastion comes out with another CD, you can bet it’s going to be announced here.

I’ll be adding the curtains and rugs and sprucing up the blog over time. Will it be as good as Songbird Susie’s blog? Um…give me a few months to be a fraction of that blog. (Hey Susan!)


2 responses to “Step Back – I’ve Got a Blog and Know How to Use It

  1. Congratulations!! As your first-ever commenter (commentarian?), it’s an honor to welcome you to the glorious, ego-shattering world of getting tons of comments at the beginning and then, when you really start posting consistently, getting none at all. Enjoy!!

    The title is a nice about-face on the smug chestnut we’re all tired of hearing from people who are “too smart” for religion at all.

    As a friendly contribution from a Catholic-turned-Protestant, let me recommend First Things: Really wonderful stuff.

    Can’t wait to read your next post!!

  2. Yay, welcome to the insanity!

    Man, you Belle and Sebastian fans are a little obsessive, aren’t you? 😉

    Thanks for those lovely comments about my blog!

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